The main spot: The Lagoon

Brilliant white sand, warm sparkling turquoise water and steady wind year-round : the mainly standing-depth lagoon in Dakhla bay is a dream come true for freeriders, freestylers and beginners.

Ideal for all levels of kitesurf and windsurf!

Get out of bed and jump into the water. That's the spirit! Well Dakhla Booking will help you find the best suitable camp to enjoy all that this amazing spot has to offer You'll be literally overlooking the water. Enjoy the view, enjoy the trip.

The wave spots

So you're more into waves? We get it! That's the beauty of Dakhla, you ask you get.

You'll find clean, endlessly long breaks run around the Dakhla city. The super-clean waves break over a reef plate and peel so long that's not unusual to get five bottom-turns per ride in cross-offshore winds!

Check Oum Labouir, Pointe d'Or, La Sarga, ... and some unknown spots to discover or rediscover! All our hotels and camps are very well located to reach these spots.

Check where's the best accommodations and spots are located.